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Buddy Homburg: Canada’s first infused cannagar

Say hello to Buddy Homburg, Canada’s first infused cannagar, created by yours truly, following our product development process.

With 600mg of total cannabinoids, Buddy Homburg begins with 20% THC flower infused with CBG and CBD oils (containing a signature terpene mix) which is then added to a hemp paper tube. Instead of a conventional filter tip that merely ushers flaming product into the users lungs, Buddy Homburg makes use of a natural corn husk filter, providing an ultra-smooth smoking experience from start to finish.

The final product delivers 300mg THC, 200mg CBD, 100mg CBG, and 5% terpenes per 2g unit.

Buddy is purpose-built and crafted to elevate the cannabis smoking experience – social or solo, the product can be enjoyed with friends as a communal event or consumed alone when a smaller pre-roll just isn’t enough. The CBD and CBG infusion enhances the occasion. Let others blow their brains out in the race to the bottom, chasing ever-higher potencies.

The strain profile is Panama Gold, a nod to the landrace strains of Panama Red and Acapulco Gold. Slow burning, the smoking time averages 20 to 25 minutes.

The displays were hand-fashioned and feature a dummy cannagar in an acrylic test tube that has the cork adhering to the base using a magnet. This allows for user engagement at the till where the consumer can pick up and examine the unit. Zippo lighters and ashtrays completed the sophisticated look. (PRO TIP: Empty Zippo lighters can be shipped through Canada Post. Butane lighters cannot – Class 2 Dangerous Goods). Pre-launch materials included the displays, buttons, ashtrays, Zippo’s and custom personal humidors for retail professionals.

Production has finally caught up to demand. Every arrival to the LDB was sold out in minutes. It was not unheard of for some retailers to over-order with at least one (not naming names) ordering 60 cases in one shot. Ease up. We’re good now.

If you see the guy in the hat around, say hi. That’s Darren, the Buddy alter-ego.