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Darren Darcy_

Thinker. Doer.

Darren provides clients a 720º strategic perspective to create the framework of knowledge, discipline and rigour within which results are definite and measurable. He’s the architect of the processes employed to get clients more of something. More awareness. More sales. More per transaction. More relevance. More more. All rigour. No mortis.

Darren steers the brand and product development process for Brandolier house brands as well as client brands. He is the mind behind the legacy cannabis brand Flyte as well as newer cannabis brands, including Hycycle, Buddy Homburg and Transit.

Darren facilitates brand visioning sessions with clients to pull from them the hidden ideas and thinking about their organizations (they might not even know they had) to create ownable and defendable brand positioning and architecture that nourishes the creative process.

30 years in the marketing business has seen him in virtually all roles in the agency environment. He is aussi disponible en français.

He’s had a good run so far, having been able to work with fun people on rewarding accounts large and small, including: Flyte, Volkswagen Canada, Rogers Video, Dairyland, BC Hydro, Purdy’s Chocolates, Rogers’ Chocolates, Cinnamon’s Chocolates, Sandhill Wines, Calona Vineyards, Le Vieux Pin and LaStella wineries (are you seeing a pattern here?), Nando’s Flame-Grilled Chicken, Kanke Restaurants, Old Spaghetti Factory, BC Raspberries, Sierra Wireless, Helitech Group, Classic LifeCare. Windset Farms, JIND Fruit Co., NatureFresh Farms, Earth’s Own Foods (SoGood, SoNice, SoFresh), Boys & Girls Clubs, Special Olympics, among others. B2C, B2B, non-profit, packaged goods, retail, financial, apparel, F&B, agriculture, tourism, tech, forestry, and telecom.

France fan
wine snob
Divot Master

Got an idea? Got a problem? Let's get under the hood and take a peek. No Catch. No pressure.