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Pragmatism, profitability, ingenuity, elegance & influence.

These are our values. What are yours?

Brandolier is a small-footprint, high-capacity marketing and product consulting group that offers insight, guidance, products, brands and executions that capitalize on opportunities available to organizations in the cannabis, beverage alcohol and supplement spaces who recognize the importance of CPG fluency, expertise and agility as critical to their success.

Brandolier presents a richly layered, robust service offering that pushes a single element or client pain point through more than a single professional service. A brand becomes a cause. A product becomes a lasting destination by adding the financial and sales rigours and disciplines typically absent from the traditional marketing agency environment.

Ultimately, though, we are a people business. Say hello to our people.

Partner, Brand & Product

Darren Darcy

Partner, Creative & Brand

Dean Maier

Partner, Finance & Supply Chain

Colin Derby, CPA

Partner, Packaging & Digital Marketing

Sally Casey

Partner, Sales & Product

Zane Yassein