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Brand development and identity revision for Breakwater Cannabis

Brand-development-and-identity-revision for Breakwater Cannabis, a micro processor on a little island off the east coast of Canada. They produce liquid THC and CBD drops for the recreational cannabis market.

We were engaged to create a brand position and architecture for the group. This project would include the typical brand visioning session, positioning, colour palate development, type treatments, image treatments, brand messaging platform, tagline, graphic tagline, as well as packaging and website. As is often the case, the client already had a wordmark that they were partial to.

Nip & tuck…

The existing wordmark had some nice features to it but required some adjustment.

  1. There were significant gaps between letters yet not enough breathing room among the other elements
  2. Given that the product offering is liquid infusers that are added to beverages, the downward flow needed to be highlighted and unimpeded
  3. The hierarchy of elements needed adjustment, with a clear dominant element and subordinate elements
  4. Bottom baseline needed to be one, single baseline to hold the visual

Not a grand departure from the original but enough to have a better impression on the subconscious.

  • The A in the name was condensed to take up less space and other letters were brought closer together
  • A condensed typeface for Cannabis focuses the eye to the middle
  • One water line was thickened to reflect the nature of a breakwater as well as add more weight at the base
  • Type and waves aligned to the same baseline

As part of the brand exercises, we established that place was important. Obviously, with a name like Breakwater. Green and blue are trust colours and, thankfully, they are present in most marine scenes. Grounding grey stone and vibrant red plant life for punctuation. This palate made itself!

A monogram was created from the B and wave device for use in small spaces as well as a watermark.

Flow With the Go is a take, duh, on go with the flow. Breakwater products are meant to be convenient and efficient. Simply add to liquid and get going. No need to stop, just keep going. Disruptive enough to be memorable without trying to hard to be a typical empty promise.

Looking for a little help with an brand development or identity revision? Give us a shout. What’s the worst that could happen?