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The product is the package.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” 
fine at a library. Brutal at a bookstore.

Package design Canada

We TASTE with our eyes.

Your product is being judged before it’s even picked up. Your package is the lure. If you had zero supporting marketing, would it be enough to catch the fish you’re after? Is this why you searched Package design Canada? 

If products could be sold on straight merit, shelves would be full of hearing-aide-beige boxes of Times New Roman and Comic Sans.

The reality is that most products, services and causes need to get some trial before they can get some traction. There is a science that drives the label and purpose that give a package meaning to the audience for whom the product is meant for. 

Label & closure design

Start with a strong, clear design brief to keep the process focused on the desired outcome – to be relevant and appealing to the right targets, removing all possible bias and second-guessing. Use the brief to defend design choices and treatment. Explore the potential of closure types and their design to complement and finish the label.

box & case design

The unboxing experience is not to be underestimated. Even in the age of e-commerce where shelf-shout is not a factor consumers still expect to be wowed. Everything communicates. We can build an outer packaging concept that tells a story. Or a poem. Or a dirty joke.

Copy, content & Compliance

Establish the information hierarchy, priority messaging, notable elements, certifications, awards, anything else to distinguish the product in its competitive set. Regulatory compliance to ensure your product moves fluidly. Content to set and match the expectation of the contents within.

Container specification, vendor sourcing, tendering

What do bottles, cans and boxes say about the product? How truly does the container express the brand values? How to they fit into the products pricing strategy? How do they impact margin and contribution? These are the questions that drive us. Drive us to seek out improvements, new technology and new vendor relationships.

Label/retail package audit

Let’s take a look at your label. You may think you need to change but do you, really? Could it actually be sound and you are the only one who is affected by its wear factor. Maybe it just needs a little care and attention, not a complete redesign. Then again, may be it does. Brandolier will examine the strength of the label and package relative to the goals and target audiences of the package and inside of its competitive environment. Come away with scores in several areas of evaluation and a remediation plan for revision.

Label/retail package update

Based on an audit or simply a client commission, Brandolier can correct technical design and content deficiencies with packaging, update type, information hierarchy, copy, flow, colour, Size and position. Not a rebrand, just an update – you’re not going to frighten anyone away!

Beautiful on the inside

A lovely sentiment for people but often the kiss of death for most packaged products.  It’s not enough to be beautiful on the inside. But it’s also not as simple as being beautiful on the outside. And let’s not get started on going with too much Botox. 

Eyes of the beholder

Your product is not for everyone. Your package shouldn’t be for everyone either. Own that. You may have very broad demo and psychographics but the range still has a beginning and an end. 

Your package truly needs to resonate with those who would ever buy your product, at that price, in the first place. Who is it designed for? When are they looking for it?  What will it say to them? How will it make them feel? 

Shelf presence, table presence, social presence – how are you setting the allure of your product? 

Package design Canada

Package design Canada: Speaking of trial, how about you give us a go?