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Hycycle: purpose-built brand and products

Brandolier presents Hycycle: a purpose-built brand and products for the Canadian value cannabis space. Here’s the story. Some time ago, while gazing into the crystal ball, we saw where distillate prices were headed and what that could mean for vape consumers looking for better value.

We worked up a business case for a 1g cartridge and pitched it to a client who adores category crushing. The idea was about helping one or more LPs move the ocean of distillate that had been accruing in vaults over the first years of legalization. Distillate costs were going to drop and keep dropping (we haven’t seen the floor yet) and we wanted to get in there early.

On an earlier visit to Shenzhen, China (the vape hardware capital of the world), Darren had been able to visit and tour the factories of leading manufacturers (as well as a few of the unknowns). There, he picked up a pretty good sense of the quality of materials available. He also explored manufacturing quality for stock and custom for cartridges and pod systems.

From the ground up…

The price point required to successfully launch a value (not cheap!) vape brand in Canada helped inform discussions around hardware and brand. This, as a result, made the target markets for this product crystal clear.

Hycycle represents our sweet-spot: end to end cannabis product and brand development. Start to finish. Full service. There is no element that we are not part of.

We developed the positioning, segmented the audiences, crafted the premise of the product, prescribed the strainless names (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid), specified the hardware and materials, built the brand framework, named the brand (with extensions on the way!), developed the tagline, developed the identity, created the sales materials and pitch decks, created the NNCP materials, created GS1 renders, created the AGLC renders, developed the digital properties (right down to a WIX website to convey the value approach), developed and executed launch advertising (including custom video animations for retail displays), created and shipped POS to all retail stores, registered with provinces and continue to answer product calls. Brandolier also solicits and manages the purchase orders from the provinces. We work with the client on a twice-weekly basis to keep on track, plan activities, forecast sales and work on new product development.

A palette of bold blues and oranges was selected to create an exciting yet accessible visual scheme that targets would find appealing. Building from the slightly technical and cyclical aspect of the brand name, all visual elements are inspired by imagery based in sequences or patterned textures. The social media plan we developed for Hycycle expands on both this technical aspect and the brand’s friendly/approachable feel through a blend of captioned dad jokes and universally identifiable icons across a backdrop of pattern imagery.

We also introduced our client to Motif Labs out of Ontario as a production partner. Magic. Big shout out to gang there. A joy to work with.

The result?

#8 and #11 vape SKUs in BC within a month. Sold out three times so far. Hycycle is now available in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Why? Because we’re not trying to be all things to all people, that’s why. We stick to our knitting. And our brand. Early and over-diversification kills.

Stay tuned for more Hycycle coming soon.