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Oversaturation in the nutraceutical market is just an escalated opportunity for disruption.

braun & brains. together at last.

Nebulous industry practices like pixie dusting, protein spiking, and halfcocked advertising makes reaching, engaging, and building trust with consumers in a crowded market an especially tall order. Combine this with NHP/NPN & FDA regulations, GS1 barcode management, and an ever changing sales landscape and it can seem impossible to make any progress.

Well we’ve got some gains for you. Gains for days.

Over a decade of experience in the nutraceutical industry has given us the pedigree and know-how to spot you through the entire set, from brand inception to retail activations. Instead of trying to bully your way into the market we’ll provide the insight and ingenuity to ensure your products are compliant, engaging, and strategically positioned from the get-go. So you can build a legion of consumer advocates with a serious affinity for influencing the hell out of your products.

bulk where you need to, cut where you don't.

Take your time when choosing an agency to help you with your project. Will you ever see the pitch team again? Have you met all the juniors that will inevitably be assigned to your business? You owe it to your product and brand to partner with a team that’s about dedicating themselves to helping you become irresistible to your targets – and realistic about your ACTUAL needs. We’ll always give it to you straight on which areas of your business you can get by with and where your critical growth points are. And we promise, we’ll always practice good form.

Get on the path to brand wellness

As consumer segments continue to fracture into nano markets and consumers themselves become more and more fickle and flighty, it’s supremely important to present as a considered and robust brand and product. But, you know that. It’s the reason you’re here.

It’s always easier to make a flash-in-the-pan brand than create long-term value for your brand and your audience. Don’t fall for it.

dominate your niche in the supplement space.