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That money, sitting on the table. Is it yours?

Are you waiting for someone to go get it?

Making it is one thing. Selling it is another.

The stage gates have been passed. Business cases approved. CapEx approved. Go time.

But, is it really? Without a proper experience-backed sales strategy and plan, all of that product potential might be halted at the loading dock.

Understanding the nuances of sales channels (i.e. private retailer vs chain) or the intricacies of winning on the shelf is something that only comes with experience.


know your place. Own it.

Sliding a product into the right place at the right time can be the difference between starting a trend or chasing one. Companies often face issues with slow or stagnant sales and, despite pouring resources into these brands, realizing ROI can be frustrating. Oftentimes this can be mitigated by bringing products to different or adjacent markets or sales channels that allow the right consumers to interact with the product.

About that money on the table...

Often, through mismanaged GTM strategies or obstructed views of an industry, companies are giving up share and revenue. Most usually this happens when new or popular products are consistently out of stock, or overproduction places undue pressure on inventory with nowhere to go while it holds capital.

A good sales strategy builds in  production forecasting and monitors market expansion or contraction to ensure out of stocks and overproduction is avoided. All that work to generate trial, wiped out by an persistent OOS.

What time is it? Time to make some money. THat's what time it is.