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Welcome to the business of making your mark.

Lucky for you, Everyone’s a marketer these days. You are soooo set.

Influencer or under the influence?

If you’re here, on this page, it’s likely you know you need some help. Maybe a problem that needs solving. Perhaps a little push. You likely also know the sweet sting of being fleeced by charlatans calling themselves marketers. You know the ones. They may have had success in one facet and might have a gajillion followers, but are at a loss to demonstrate how their efforts are spun into action at shelf.

Marketing is the application of all the marketing disciplines while being bound by none. No two challenges are the same, therefore, no two solutions should be the same.

website strategy

The solution to the internet’s existential crisis – why are you here? There needs to be a reason and it should be a good one. Consumers need to be rewarded for their visit with content and a digital engagement that is relevant to them. Identify the who, lock in the what, present the why and the how reveals itself

social strategy

As with any strategy, it’s all about determining the desired outcomes and being steadfast in the pursuit of those outcomes. Brandolier is open to exploring all forms of digital expression and is bound by none to help clients be where they have the greatest likelihood of positive interaction.

Content strategy & execution

Plan the work. Work the plan. Contrived, yes. Practical and proven, also yes. Copy, imagery, graphics, scheduling.

Consumer interaction

Consistent brand voice is critical to a social presence. Maintaining tone is what we do. Brandolier can create the customer service bible for use or we can run your social presence for you, in your brand voice.

Digital advertising

It’s getting harder to make a buck online. Brandolier conceives, plans and deploys advertising campaigns from Google ads to social and everything in between.

Inbound, SEO & email

Passive lead generation resulting from advertising promotions to kick off a continued relationship with targets, speaking to them with relevant information, offers and insights. Brandolier plans, creates and manages the right platform to achieve the desired outcomes.

Web design & updates

Following a brand visioning challenge against existing brand elements, steps can be taken to update (not remake) a brand identity (wordmark and/or icon), update colour palette, refresh image guide, update typography

Web & social audits

Not sure about your digital properties? Brandolier can assess and rate your digital presence and deliver recommendations and a remediation plan to turn down the suck and crank the awesome.

The new Old school

Society mistakenly believes that we can hyper-evolve in just a few generations with new technology. OK. Makes for a few thumbs up on a LinkedIn post. Just need to get into the rats’ nest of the eons of human hardwiring that direct our subconscious behaviours and inform our preferences. There are ways to bring the old school into the new to elevate brands and products out of the two-dimensional space and give them texture, relevance and life.

Scope your targets

Think. Do. Win. Not just a super-sexy tagline, its a way of marketing life. Apply it to your life. Do has no purpose without  Think. That’s all the tedious, unsung, invisible efforts that make winning possible.

What are you thinking about with your marketing? Want to gain market share more than marketing awards? More sales over more likes? More meaningful interactions with your audiences?

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