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Crunch the numbers, crush the launch.

Systems = success. Intelligently designed and implemented FINANCIAL systems AND INTERNAL CONTROLS are critical to any BUrgeoning business. 

Follow the money.

Brands and packages are what get most people excited, but it takes more than a fancy name and package to succeed in market. Success comes from having the complete package. Sales and marketing strategies are set up to win by ensuring that sufficient margins are maintained throughout the processes. 

Products that generate huge revenue numbers but that also lead to losses aren’t going to drive much long term success. Build a winner. Profitability analysis, product costing analysis, investigating inventory turnover, forecasting cash flows and income help ensure that time and money are being invested in the right places and into the right products.

The second mouse gets the cheese.

The allure of being first to market can be fatal. Eyes widen at the prospect of dominating market share while competitors are idle. Although great things might happen, the reckless pursuit of these goals can often lead to cost over runs, poor vendor selection and large inefficiencies. We LOVE new market opportunities, but we understand the need to fall back on proven processes to exploit opportunities. Taking those steps in a calculated and methodical manner is what leads to true winners.

Take a load off.

Any department can be quickly overwhelmed with a flash flood of work, blowing out capacity constraints. Brandolier is here to help your finance team in almost any area they may need it. Be it KPI development, benchmarking, break even analysis, throughput and ROI calculations or just a second set of eyes on your work before you pull the trigger

Let's talk about Setting your budgets to beast mode.