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Zane Yassein_

Partner | Sales & Product

Zane is tasked with sales and product strategy at Brandolier with a specific focus on the Canadian cannabis industry. His experience in CPG began while at Queen’s University where he jumped on an opportunity to work as a Summer Sales Representative for Labatt Breweries of Canada. Working at Labatt gave Zane the chance to work on iconic brands like Budweiser, Corona, and Bud Light, and also schooled him with a first class training experience in CPG sales.

After graduation, Zane built on the CPG foundation he received at Labatt and moved into a role with E&J Gallo Winery. There, he sold Gallo’s portfolio of products in multiple Canadian markets and worked with major provincial and private retailers. The experience inspired him to examine the emerging cannabis sector, where he saw the need for reliable and safe cannabis education. 

In 2015, he dove into the industry as a co-founder of Cannabis Training Canada (CTC). CTC provides reliable cannabis training to retail employees across Canada and currently facilitates government-mandated training in two Canadian cannabis markets. Zane is still an active team member at CTC and his work there helps keep him sharp with an in-depth understanding of the market and provincial nuances. 

In addition to CTC, Zane has also held a number of different sales roles within the cannabis industry that have given him the opportunity to work with both provincial distributors and private retailers. Zane is excited to bring this experience to Brandolier and help companies grow their product portfolios and sales.

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