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Compliance Brand

Void in the industry

With a heavy focus on vape and flower in the cannabis industry, consumers in Alberta and British Columbia were missing out on the endless benefits of THC and CBD infused topicals. We saw an opportunity to be one of the first to fill a void in the industry. Our goal was simple (ish): to bring meaningful, relevant and impactful products into a heavily regulated and young industry. The race was on.


Name with a story

We dug through regulations, sourced documentation and analyzed precedents. While obtaining packaging and ingredients, no stone was left unturned to find options that were the most cost effective, compliant and of superior quality. We tested countless formulations until we settled on winners that we knew our consumers would absolutely love. We swam in cold, dark and uncharted waters, and after many sleepless nights and long work days, we inevitably gained a collective expertise in the industry and most importantly, conceived a brand with depth: Compliance Brand. Created as a tongue in cheek parody of the bureaucratic process faced by cannabis LPs and retailers struggling to get their beneficial products into the hands of consumers, Compliance Brand is 1 part economic critique, 2 parts vintage beauty staple inspired by the golden age of consumerism. The first order of business was building a brand identity that reflected these goals. An emblem style logo mark was designed with a classic serif font and elevated “I” as a subtle nod towards “anti-compliance”. Further to this goal, a distorted octagonal border was placed around the wordmark as a parody of the form language contained in the classic “stop” sign. This octagonal form was carried throughout all of Compliance Brand’s marketing materials as a vintage flourish and persistent design element relating to the subtle anti-bureaucratic sentiment.


It’s a first

The legal markets in Alberta and British Columbia were given their first trio of cannabis topicals: bath oil, face serum and multi-purpose balm. Compliance Brand, cheeky and fully compliant, made a splash in the market. With effective and high-quality ingredients, clean packaging and impactful digital marketing, we created a successful first. Immediately following launch, retailers were supported through a comprehensive cannabis topicals guide and product information sheets. This marketing collateral was styled in a dossier / archival format, but more importantly, was carefully written and constructed so as to provide retailers and consumers with the detailed information and FAQ answers they needed in a young category while remaining compliant with strict restrictions on structure-benefit and other health claims. These marketing materials were to be followed up on by a video education series launched on the IGTV platform. Inspired by the educational films of the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s, this series was intended to teach consumers about topicals in an easy to digest and entertaining way. Brand colour-toned 35mm archival footage was to be combined with vintage-styled motion graphics and a retro voiceover narration (think oldschool Fox News). Great care was taken in building regulation compliant scripts and to select clips that didn’t display a person, animal, emotion, or lifestyle (as per the regs) while still illustrating the gist of the information (see clip reel in gallery). The brand and campaign angle was was well-received and deemed a refreshing change of pace by both consumers and licensed retail operators; shout-outs and reviews came flooding in through social media.


So.. Are you ready to comply?