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Calculating Excise Tax – An ounce of prevention…

Cannabis in Canada can be a tricky business. The sheer volume of regulatory measures put into place make it a difficult industry to navigate from pretty much every angle including packaging, sales, manufacturing, finance, and tax to name a few. It’s soul-crushing to sell a product for say, $200, then watch nearly 25% of that go right back out as a payment to governments in excise taxes. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about that right now, so you need to play the hand dealt. When you are launching any CPG product into markets, it is important to have a full grasp of your margins. With cannabis, it is make-or-break imperative. With up to 25% instantly vanishing from your revenue, the importance of estimating your excise tax burden in advance cannot be understated. If you visit the Canada Revenue Agency website on cannabis excise and calculations, it’s not the easiest to read or follow. We poked around the internet to see if there were any tools to assist in estimating the liabilities, but Colin couldn’t find anything useful to share, so he decided to just make one and share it. If you’re interested, you can VIEW AND DOWNLOAD THIS TOOLKIT ITEM HERE

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