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Brand old

Begin your quest for self discovery. Or rediscovery.

Ordinary brands are seen. Average brands are heard. Exceptional brands are felt. please Be exceptional.

"Brand." Possibly one of the most debased words in the marketing lexicon.

Your accountant is not your tax lawyer. Your tax lawyer is not your doctor. Your printer is not your brand architect. 

A brand is expressed by the obvious and the unseen. The rational and the emotional. There is a science and discipline behind a true brand – whether it was baked in at conception or injected over time. 

The word brand means something beyond a mark on a cow. The same way your brand should mean something more than a logo on a box.

Get away from that cow

We are seeking client partners who want more in a brand than a trendy name, a chic yet unremarkable identity and banal social platitudes. You know who you are. You feel it. The craving to stand out in a sea of resplendent sameness. We feel it too. We’re driven by it.

Bring a shovel

While your competitive set may use a shovel to move BS, you are going to use it to dig into who or what you are, why you are and who would care. 

That’s right. You. We do not accept any accountability outsourcing here. This is your brand so you are going to be part of the build. You are going help craft it. You are going to own it. 

Snap fingers in Z pattern here.

Make your declaration

Your brand should be made for sharing. Sharing with the people who are looking for relevant connection. For a friendly face. A reassuring voice. You know you might not be for everyone but you can certainly be for everyone in your target audiences. It doesn’t matter if you are growing weed today or selling toasters tomorrow. You can build a relevant brand that lives with your consumers, not just your product.

Let's get into it. You bring the you, we'll bring the whiteboards.